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Category: Ballast

Brand: Layrton

Electromagnetic ballast for high pressure sodium (HS) and metal halide (HI) lamps 50W and 0,76 A. Cross section: 68x48,5 mm

Built-in type.

Available with or without thermal protection.
Available with pulse system ignitor terminal.
Vacuum impregnated for a better thermal and noise performance, providing higher insulation level.

Based on the highest quality raw materials and fully automated production, it provides:

  • High efficiency.
  • Narrow impedance tolerances, with individual current setting.
  • Very high insulation level.
  • tw130.
  • High reliability with an expected lifetime over 10 years at tw=130ºC.
  • ENEC certification.
  • Design and production in Spain.

It can be produced in a wide variety of voltages (220V, 230V, 220-240V, 230-240V, 277V, 208-220-240V...) and frequencies (50Hz, 60Hz, 50-60Hz). Customized features are available under request. Dimensions may vary.